A mustache is one of those things that may not be as easy to pull off as it seems. For every Tom Selleck, there are plenty of mustache risks that don’t work. A successful mustache involves a multitude of factors including a man’s confidence as well as the shape of the face. Knowing what works for you is the first step in pulling off a great mustache.

Do you have a wide jawbone and cheeks? This one-two combination is best suited for styles that create length. Consider staying away from a bushy mustache that simply rests on the lip and choose something that extends down around the mouth a little bit lower. If you’re feeling intrepid, a horseshoe or combination of beard and mustache might work.

Square faces have a lot more leeway in choosing their mustaches as the angular features and strong jaw allow for lots of creativity. The “beardstache” is an always fashionable option.

The oval face provides the best canvas for choosing a mustache. The only dilemma now is to determine which of the many types of mustache to choose from. How much hair growth do you have? If the hair is thick and full on the upper lip, you have free rein to get creative. If there is a patchy growth issue, choose styles that make the most of what you've got.

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