The skin naturally produces oils from the sebaceous glands, which helps with keeping the hair healthy. However, in some cases, excess oil can cause the hair to become greasy and accumulate dirt. This is often caused by reasons like washing it too much, excessive brushing, stress, not using the right products, your genetics, or even touching it too much, transferring dirt and oil from the hands to the scalp.

While there isn’t much that can be done if genetics are causing greasy hair, there are ways to keep it from becoming a major issue. In regards to washing, there is no need to shampoo it every single time you shower. You may wish to opt for a dry shampoo. However, when you do shampoo, try and stick to something that uses natural ingredients or is free from added oils. Those with hair that is naturally greasy can explore tea tree or menthol-based shampoo which can soothe the skin and prevent dry scalp. As for conditioner, consider only using it on the ends versus the entire scalp.

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