Sometimes, life gets so hectic that it is really easy to forget about our skin, about our face, about us. That is why we offer signature facials using products specifically formulated for men’s skin. Let us do the work for you. Go to your happy place and pretty soon you will feel picture-perfect.

Prices for Facial

Services: Price:
Express Detox Facial
(30 min run time)
Anti-Aging & Firming Facial
(60 min run time)
Deep Pore and Acne Cleansing
(90 min run time)
Microdermabrasion Intense Facial
(90 min run time)
Back Treatment
(30 min run time)
Antioxidant Gel Face Mask
Hydrates the skin and cools at the same time
Turmeric Clay Face Mask
Helps dark spots, refines pores, brightens skin
Avocado Vegan Clay Mask
Rich in Nutrients, helps remove skin impurities

Other services


Hot Lather Shave

Nail Grooming


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