Top 10 Faded beard styles

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Big, bushy beards have been in fashion for the past few years but they are now being replaced by a much neater and more groomed style: the faded beard.

Faded beard styles are the perfect combination between masculinity, style and great grooming. These short beard styles make you look smart, professional and also slightly playful.

Faded beard styles offer a modern twist to traditional facial hair, blending the beard seamlessly with your haircut for a cohesive look. This technique adds depth and structure, allowing you to tailor your beard to perfectly match your face shape and personal style. Interested in trying out a faded beard? Explore the guide to fade haircuts that includes a section on faded beard styles. This guide will provide you with the top 10 looks, offering inspiration and expert tips to help you achieve the perfect faded beard.

Faded beard styles create a visual masterpiece, giving you a seamless transition from hair of differing lengths.

A fade haircut with beard makes you look precise and that you care about what you look like, without being overly fixated on your appearance.

The good news is that a low fade haircut with a beard looks great on practically every guy, so you will definitely find a haircut and beard style combination that works well for you.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 faded beard styles

1- Mohawk Fade Haircut With Beard.

1- Mohawk fade haircut with beard

Love your mohawk but think it’s time for a change? Keep the mohawk and incorporate it into this modern, low fade haircut with a manicured beard.

2 – Textured Haircut With Beard Fade.

2 - Textured haircut with beard fade

Give your hair a bit of texture and personality and show off your facial hair with this cool beard fade.

3 – Tousled Low Fade Haircut With Beard.

3 - Tousled low fade haircut with beard

This haircut is perfect for the guy who likes his hair to be a bit tousled on top and neater on the sides. The facial hair has been carefully crafted into an amazing symmetrical style.

4 – Wavy Taper Fade Haircut With Beard.

4 - Wavy taper fade haircut with beard

Take control of your wavy hair with this low fade haircut that shapes your beard and moustache into a work of art!

5 – Sharp Haircut Fade With Beard.

5 - Sharp haircut fade with beard

Want to look sharp and clean? Try this super-neat taper fade haircut with a distinctive side part that gradually tapers into a full beard.

6 – Long Top Faded Haircut With Beard.

6 - Long top faded haircut with beard

Another great low fade haircut that keeps your hair long and neatly styled on the top. The sides are nice and short, as is the low fade beard. Perfect if you don’t like a lot of maintenance!

7 – Brushed Back Fade With Cool Beard Fade.

7 - Brushed back fade with cool beard fade

Create a visual spectacular with this brushed back low fade that styles the front into a neat, square shape. The low fade beardgradually tapers down into a full complement of facial hair.

8 – Buzzcut Low Fade Haircut With Beard.

8 - Buzzcut low fade haircut with beard

If you’re not a fan of long hair but still want to try a low fade haircut, this is ideal! It’s similar to a buzz cut but much more interesting!

9 – Slicked Back Haircut With Artistic Low Fade Beard.

9 - Slicked back haircut with artistic low fade beard

For the guy who likes to make a statement with his hair and beard, comes this work of art! Make heads turn wherever you go and enjoy your unique haircut.

10 – Burst Fade Mohawk With Tapered Beard.

10 - Burst fade mohawk with tapered beard

This cheeky, burst mohawk makes use of sharp and clean lines for a precise style at the bottom, but a lot of playfulness and personality on the top.


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