Everything You Need to Know About the Tony Stark Beard.

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Here at Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop, the Tony Stark beard and hairstyle has been incredibly popular lately.

For those who don’t know, Tony Stark is the Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr) and his iconic beard and hairstyle is synonymous with being ultra-cool, tough and the ultimate guy.

How Can I Create My Own Tony Stark Beard?

For best results, it’s always better to let your stylist create a Tony Stark beard (and mustache).

Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylists are well-trained in creating this look and can make your Tony Stark beard look the way you want.

From there, your stylist will give you some great advice on how to maintain your beard and mustache so that you can keep the look for as long as you want.

Find The Best Tony Stark Beard For You!

Interested in the Tony Stark look? Check out some of Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop’s most popular Tony Stark looks at the moment!

The Iron Man Beard

The Iron Man Beard.

Robert Downey Jr. wears the Iron Man Beard well! It is the perfect combination of a disconnected mustache and anchor-style beard. A little bit of maintenance is needed but as long as you have a sharp razor and a steady hand, you are good to go! Ask your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist for more tips on how to maintain your Tony Stark beard.

The Classic French mustache

The Classic French Mustache.

Do you have a round, oval or rectangular shaped face? If so, this classic, French mustache is just perfect! It features a neat, disconnected mustache with a cleanly-shaven cheek area. This is a great look for the guy who enjoys having facial hair but still wants to look neat and professional.

The Short Tony Stark Beard

The Short Tony Stark Beard.

Designer stubble can transform an ordinary-looking guy into someone who looks handsome, rugged and tough. This short-trimmed Tony Stark beard allows you to show off your stubble and doesn’t require much maintenance. If you want a hairstyle that will suit your new, short Tony Stark beard, consider this medium-length quiff style with a side part.

The Tapered Tony Stark Beard

The Tapered Tony Stark Beard.

Need a look that doesn’t involve a lot of grooming in the mornings? Consider this tapered Tony Stark beard which allows for stubble and trimming only every week or so. It doesn’t matter if you are going a little gray because this will make you look distinguished and ruggedly handsome.

Stubble Tony Stark Beard with Textured Hair

Stubble Tony Stark Beard With Textured Hair.

The Stubble Tony Stark Beard only requires trimming every few days and can be created by your favorite Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist. It looks great with a textured hairstyle, which is short on the sides and slightly longer on top. Simply work some product through your hair in the mornings and you’ll be ready for anything!

Tony Stark Beard with Quiff Hairstyle

Tony Stark Beard With Quiff Hairstyle.

A quiff hairstyle compliments the Iron Man beard wonderfully. This hairstyle suits all face shapes and is very easy to style. All you’ll need to do is keep the sides of your beard trimmed and allow the rest of your beard to remain thick. This hairstyle/beard combo gives you a creative, quirky and unique look.

The Tousled Tony Stark

The Tousled Tony Stark.

Some guys like to have neat facial hair but more leeway with their hair. Sound like you? Your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist can craft the perfect Tony Stark beard for you and give you a great, tousled haircut. This gives your face a neat appearance, which is contrasted with the slightly messy and tousled look of your hair. This style is very easy to maintain and is great for the guy who is always short on time.

The Well-Defined Iron Man Beard

The Well-Defined Iron Man Beard.

Many guys believe that their beard and mustache should be a work of art with clearly-defined lines. Those who fall into this category will love this well-defined Iron Man beard. You will need to touch it up every few days, but it’s well worth it! In terms of a hairstyle, Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop recommends a low fade haircut or a medium-length quiff style.

Tony Stark Beard with Slicked Back Hair

Tony Stark Beard With Slicked Back Hair.

For the ultimate in cool, class and smoothness, this Tony Stark beard with slicked back hair is just the ticket! The beard and mustache are both neatly trimmed and defined, while the hair can be short or medium length and slicked back with a bit of product. The result? A suave and sophisticated look that will effortlessly take you from the boardroom to a party.

What Hairstyle Suits A Tony Stark Beard Best?

Many hairstyles look incredible with the Iron Man (or Tony Stark) beard. A few examples include the quiff, low fade haircut and medium-length tousled hair.

To find the perfect hairstyle for your needs, consult with one of Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop’s stylists. They will make a professional recommendation based on your face shape, lifestyle and needs.


As you can see, there are many different hairstyle and beard combinations for the Tony Stark (or Iron Man) look. From sharp lines and well-defined shapes with neat crew cuts, to beards with stubble and tousled hair, there is so much to choose from.

Many looks don’t need much maintenance and there is definitely a Tony Stark beard for your face shape and beard requirements.

If you are ready to try a Tony Stark beard for yourself, come and visit us in store at Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what would look best on your face because we have an extensive catalogue and offer you some great advice.

We have been considered as Miami’s top barber for a while now, so come and see for yourself why we are the first choice when it comes to men’s hair!