Beard Styles For Bald Men

Written By Well Groomed Gentleman

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The bald man’s beard gives the perfect balance and is suitable for dominant personalities. We show you how to wear this winning duo.

1 – Medium Round

Medium Round beard

The circular beard can also be somewhat more grown to achieve an average length. This is the ideal way to wear a much more stylized beard.

2 – Boxed Beard

Boxed beard

This classic is ideal if you are looking for an almost complete beard but without adding so much volume. The characteristic that most distinguishes the boxed beard is that it is perfectly defined, leaving ample space in the area of the lips, which makes it look much more cared for.

3 – Fine Circular

Fine circular

The thin circular beard is ideal for men looking to try an elegant and polished option. It especially favors square faces and is achieved by creating a very fine union between the mustache and beard.

4 – Anchor

Anchor beard

A floating mustache, accompanied by an anchor-shaped beard: this combination pairs well with round faces.

5 – Shaded

Shaded short beard

A length not greater than one centimeter is the main feature of this beard that is usually achieved within a few days of not shaving.

6 – Van Dyke

Van Dyke beards style

Very similar to the padlock, but with the difference that your mustache and beard never touch each other. This style is perfect for round faces that seek to lengthen their features through facial hair. Credit: Shutterstock

7 – Big Beard

Bald with Beard Big Style

The bald man’s beard gives the perfect balance to the face and is suitable for dominant personalities. This powerful duo continues to gain popularity among those who are not intimidated by hair loss and want to wear a manly look that defies the negative connotation of baldness.

Celebrities like Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are the reliable proof of how good the bald man’s beard looks. For more ideas, explore the gallery of images we have created for you.