How to Nail the Ragnar Beard Style

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Ragnar Lothbrok fans haven’t been able to stop talking about the amazing Vikings TV show. One of the reasons that the show is so popular is Ragnar Lothbrok’s (played by Travis Fimmel) unique hair and beard style.

This iconic style features either a braided ponytail or top knot (sometimes a man bun) and shaved sides. It also boasts a full beard, sideburns and a trimmed mustache.

The Viking look can be perfected if you have a neck or head tattoo that you want to show off.

Here at Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the Ragnar beard and hairstyle, so we have put together this great guide to give you some inspiration:

How Can I Grow My Beard Like Kratos?

Having a healthy-looking beard like Kratos is not simply a matter of growing it by never trimming it.

Facial hair can get quite dry if you don’t look after it properly. Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop recommends using a good quality beard oil on your facial hair to keep it looking silky, smooth and healthy.

If the ends of the beard start looking frazzled and weak, give it a little trim.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Ragnar Beard?

Every guy’s facial hair grows at a different rate, so how long it will take to grow a Ragnar beard will depend on your individual hair growth rate.

However, you should count on it taking about 2 to 4 months for a full complement of facial hair.

How Did Vikings Style Their Beards?

Even though they didn’t have the great beard products we have today, Vikings tried their best to maintain and style their beards.

They would often braid the facial hair before going into battle to prevent it being a nuisance, and they would sometimes use animal fat to keep it looking moisturized.

Ragnar Short Top And Long Back Style

Ragnar Short Top and Long Back Style

This is an interesting take on the Ragnar Viking hairstyle. Hair is cut short and textured on top, shaved at the sides, but kept long at the bottom. Tie it back with some rope or a hair band, and show off with full, trimmed facial hair.

The Neat And Tidy Ragnar Lothbrok Style

The Neat and Tidy Ragnar Lothbrok Style

Living in Miami means that you can often feel hot and sticky. Fight the hot weather blues with this neat and tidy Ragnar Lothbrok look. Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop can create this look if your hair is shoulder length or longer. We’ll shave the sides, and then braid the rest of the hair to keep it away from your face.

Shaved Head And Full Ragnar Beard

Shaved Head and Full Ragnar Beard

If you love the Ragnar Lothbrok style but don’t have long hair or you’re balding, don’t worry! This is a great take on the look and features a shaved head, trimmed mustache and sides, and a full beard. It’s low maintenance, cool and stylish- what more could you need?

Braided Ragnar Lothbrok Top

Braided Ragnar Lothbrok Top

Go full-out Viking with this braided Ragnar option! Your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist will show you how to braid your hair to create this look. Wear it with an anchor-shaped beard, and you’ll rock this look!

Ragnar Lothbrok Beard And Bound Ponytail

Ragnar Lothbrok Beard and Bound Ponytail

Long, thick hair and Miami don’t always go together, if you think about the heat and humidity. Don’t suffer through another summer with your long, thick hair: braid it back on the top and secure the bottom with some Viking style leather strips, and you’ll feel fresh as a daisy all day long!

Full Ragnar Beard With Hair Braids

Full Ragnar Beard with Hair Braids

This Ragnar Lothbrok look helps you to make the most out of any head or neck tattoos you have. Hair can be braided back on top to create a bit of volume and height, while the beard is grown long and into a point for a nice contrast.

Ragnar Lothbrok Buzz Cut And Full Beard

Ragnar Lothbrok Buzz Cut and Full Beard

This is another great Ragnar Lothbrok style if you don’t have long hair. Ask your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist for a buzz cut on top, with a shaved back and sides. You can then grow your beard long and full, and style it into a point. It’s a great Viking look for the summer months!

Swept Back Ragnar Lothbrok Hairstyle With Ragnar Beard

Swept Back Ragnar Lothbrok Hairstyle with Ragnar Beard

If you’re not into braiding your hair but still want a Ragnar Viking look, sweep it back on top and have it shaved on the sides. Secure it into a solid ponytail by creatively winding around some leather strips or thin rope.

Full Or Short Ragnar Lothbrok Beard

Full or Short Ragnar Lothbrok Beard

Not sure if a long or short Ragnar Lothbrok style is best for you? Here you can see the difference between the two. The first features long hair with short facial hair, while the second one has the head shaved and a long, full beard. Which one do you prefer?

Contrasting Ragnar Hairstyle And Beard

Contrasting Ragnar Hairstyle and Beard

The Ragnar Lothbrok style normally has the hair long, but neatly tied or braided back. This is beautifully contrasted with full, and slightly wild facial hair. The beard is best kept moisturized with a good beard oil. Chat to your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist about the top ways to maintain your beard!

Final Thoughts

The Ragnar Lothbrok style is perfect for both young and old guys. There is a lot of variation with this style, so you can wear it whether you like your hair long or short, and whether you prefer full facial hair or trimmed.

As mentioned, this style is great for Miami’s hot and humid weather as it keeps your hair away from your head and partly shaved. It can be styled creatively for a messy, slightly wild and rustic look. Otherwise, if you want something more professional, secure the lengths back neatly and keep your facial hair neat and trimmed.

As Miami’s top barbershop, Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop can create the perfect Ragnar style for you.

Come in and chat to us about what you want in your Viking look, and we will suggest a great look for you.

Alternatively, give us a call and book your slot for your new Viking style.