So, you’re over 40. Just because you’re technically no longer a youngish guy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cool and stylish hairstyle.

If you’ve been having your hair cut in the same style since you were in your early 20s, it’s probably time for a change and a hairstyle update.

While you may have a few grey hairs here and there and your hair may not be as thick as it once was, there are actually some incredible hairstyles out there for you to try that will give you a new lease on life.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 hairstyles for men over 40 to prove to you that you can look young and vibrant well into middle age!

1 - The Volumizer.

1 - The Volumizer

You don’t necessarily need to have thick hair to pull this great hairstyle off. The secret is in the way the hair is cut, which creates amazing volume and great texture. This style looks fashionable and natural at the same time.

2 - The classic that has stood the test of time.

2 - The classic that has stood the test of time

If you want a style that looks both modern and timeless, this is definitely the way to go. You simply cannot go wrong with this traditional side parting that will make you look trendy yet oh-so sophisticated.

3 - The Quiff.

3 - The Quiff

As our hair starts to go grey, it becomes a bit more wiry and you may need to change the product you use in your hair. This quiff style allows you to show off your hair with a moisturizing hair product to keep it swept back.

4 - Long and textured waves.

4 - Long and textured waves

If your hair is naturally wavy, take advantage by showing them off in this longer, wavy style. The waves create interesting volume and texture and if you pair it with a full beard and moustache, you will look like a sophisticated hipster.

5 - Short sides fade haircut with volume on the top.

5 - Short sides fade haircut with volume on the top

Do you like a hairstyle that looks neat enough for work but still unique and stylish enough to have fun? This fade haircut gives you neat, short sides with textured volume on the top so that you look smart and cheeky at the same time!

6 - Long and swept back.

6 - Long and swept back

Some men think that just because they are over 40, they can’t have long hair. This is not true! Rock your longer hair with this swept back hairstyle!

7 - The Clean and Swept Back Style.

7 - The Clean and Swept Back Style

Nothing beats this timeless swept back hairstyle. It is shorter on the sides, making it easier to manage but creates plenty of volume on the front and top while looking neat at the same time.

8 - The Hipster.

8 - The Hipster

This is a fantastic hipster haircut with crafted moustache that proves that the hipster trend can be enjoyed by men over 40.

9 - Longer fade haircut with texture.

9 - Longer fade haircut with texture

Give your hair plenty of volume and texture by having this popular style cut. It is a great longer fade haircut with neat sides and a playful top.

10 - Side parting fade haircut.

10 - Side parting fade haircut

Don’t underestimate the power of a side parting which gives you a classic hairstyle. When it is combined with a full beard and a fade haircut, it looks incredible!


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