10 Van Dyke Beard Trim Styles

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The Van Dyke beard style is one of the most elegant styles that can be worn today. Without a doubt it has become one of the most requested trends. It is ideal for men who like elegance and the most flashy shapes. That’s why we present to you ten Van Dyke beard trims to inspire you if you are thinking of wearing this distinguished style.

The Van Dyke beard is inspired by the paintings of the Flemish painter and portraitist Anton van Dyck (1599-1641), who created many portraits of important people of his time, such as the king of England himself, Charles I. In both Van Dyck’s portraits and self portraits, they all wear this stylish beard that took his name.

It is a style that many Hollywood stars have also worn, such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp or Mel Gibson. If you are looking for a makeover that is modern and at the same time has a distinguished vintage touch, then this beard trim is for you. Let’s move on to see these 10 photos of the Van Dyke beard.

1. Full Beard With Van Dyke Goatee And Mustache

1. Full beard with Van Dyke goatee and mustache

A clean-shaven full beard has been a symbol of masculinity throughout the ages. This symbol is reinforced by the Van Dyke beard style, which puts an exotic and enigmatic twist on the full beard. It is perfect for the man who likes details and has good taste. It can be worn the same with short hair as with long hair, as long as it is well groomed like the beard. Equally, a neatly trimmed mustache will be the touch of grace to the whole.

2. Van Dyke Beard And Mustache Style For Mature Men

2. Van Dyke beard and mustache style for mature men

The Van Dyke beard style looks great on mature men. It becomes a touch of distinction that rejuvenates facial features. It provides an aura of enigma in the figure of the mature man, which will go very well with his years. Likewise, you should not worry about the color of the gray hairs, as they will look perfect matching the goatee style of the Van Dyke beard. The long mustache trimmed over the lips and the full, clean-shaven beard will be your new allies.

3. Short Van Dyke-Style Beard And Mustache

3. Short Van Dyke-style beard and mustache

If you are a discreet man who enjoys keeping up with the trends without standing out too much, this style is ideal for you. It is a short Van Dyke beard, accompanied by a short mustache as well. The curved line that runs down from the ends of the mustache to the chin highlights the boundary, exposing the cheeks. The beard is refined around the edges and only thick on the chin, but short, without a peak or goatee. Separating the mustache and beard well is what makes this style perfect.

4. Van Dyke Beard Style With Semi Long Hair

4. Van Dyke beard style with semi long hair

The Van Dyke beard is perfect for the young man. If you are in search of adventure and excitement, and you enjoy wearing a beard that distinguishes you and leaves a mark on those who meet you, here you have it. You’ll love wearing this unforgettable long, pointed goatee beard. It is accompanied by a short but uncared for mustache. It is also convenient to wear semi-long hair, both well groomed and free.

5. Van Dyke Style Bushy Beard Trim

5. Van Dyke style bushy beard trim

The Van Dyke style suits men with a lot of facial hair. It’s easier to grow a Van Dyke beard if your hair is thick. Ideal style for the man who enjoys looking very masculine, with a touch of importance and distinction. Leaving the mustache and sideburns thick and long will without a doubt be a very successful variation. Wearing your hair neither too long nor too short will add to an enigmatic look.

6. Van Dyke Beard With Long Sideburns And Shaved Cheekbone Area

6. Van Dyke beard with long sideburns and shaved cheekbone area

The Van Dyke is a style that fits all needs, even those of the most elegant men. The well-groomed and detailed cut is very wise, in which the goatee and mustache stand out, and the cheekbone area cleanly shaven. The mustache can be kept attached to the beard or separated, but always respecting the spaces. The combination generates a distinguished style.

7. Van Dyke Beard Combined With Hipster Mustache

7. Van Dyke beard combined with hipster mustache

If your thing is hipster fashion in all its trends, we recommend this infallible combination. It consists of combining the Van Dyke beard with a classic hipster mustache. A long, well-kept Van Dyke beard, which keeps the cheekbones completely hairless thanks to being clean-shaven, is the perfect combination. To this we add a long mustache, fixed upwards and combed in the middle, in the best hipster style. The combination will make you feel in trend, without a doubt. It is important to also maintain the proper separation between the Van Dyke beard and the hipster mustache.

8. Van Dyke Beard And Mustache Style With Faded Sideburns

8. Van Dyke Beard and mustache style with faded sideburns

The Van Dyke beard style can also be combined with the trendiest trends in the bald world. For example, we suggest combining a long, well-shaped Van Dyke goatee that includes a short mustache, with faded sideburns that start in the middle of the face and reaches the lower half of the head. From here you should increase the hair volume in a fade towards the upper half and the top. You will be without a doubt in total trend.

9. Long Goatee Beard With Bushy Van Dyke Mustache

9. Long goatee beard with bushy Van Dyke mustache

If something characterizes the Van Dyke beard cut, it is its many variations, which are always adapted to the needs of each person. That is why, if you are one of the men who likes to have a well-groomed and stylish beard, but you don’t have much time to tend to it because your facial hair grows very fast, we recommend this Van Dyke style with a full beard. It consists of all the elements being joined together: the mustache, the Van Dyke goatee and the beard joined with the sideburns. Then you will only have to maintain the V shape and the upper line of your beard.

10. Van Dyke Beard With Short Tip And Russian Mustache

10. Van Dyke beard with short tip and Russian mustache

This Van Dyke style is ideal for the most intellectual men, who like fine arts, reading, and drinking good wine with the right company. It’s a short Van Dyke beard that will take your appearance back in time, without losing the modern look. The well-groomed and not very long Russian mustache will be another distinctive feature. It is important to maintain distance between the beard and the mustache, as well as a very clean-shaven cheekbone area.

How to grow a Van Dyke beard?

Surely you dared to wear the Van Dyke beard, so now we will give you some tips on how to grow it. The first thing to keep in mind is that this style is best suited for oval, triangle, or diamondshaped faces. For square or round faces the style should be adjusted to fit.

The truth is that it is a bit difficult to do and requires several accessories, so we recommend that you use the good hands of our professional barbers. However, here are the steps to follow to achieve a beautiful Van Dyke beard:

  • Let your beard grow for 2 to 4 weeks to a minimum of 2 cm.
  • Moisten it and comb it down well before starting with the cuts.
  • Define two lines that curve down from the end of your mustache to your neck and then connect these lines below the chin.
  • Shave the hair that joins the beard with the mustache, so that they are isolated.
  • Finally finish shaving the entire face, rinse well and comb to touch up
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Maintenance and retouching of the Van Dyke beard is important to help it retain its style as the hair grows. You can schedule appointments with your barber to do those touch-ups. It is also worth taking care of hygiene with special gels, and using oils or creams that maintain the softness and natural shine. All this will make you look as stylish as it is modern. Visit us at 130 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables or call us at 786-362-6360 for more information on groomsmen haircut Miami or to answer any questions.