A new year and a new style: for men who want to look and feel good, these short, fade haircuts are the solution. This haircut with gradients on the sides or in many cases, shaved on the sides, has become very fashionable since 2020.

It takes a good barber to achieve these styles, because sometimes they go from a low to a very high gradient and you need very good technique to achieve it. But it certainly is a fresh, new style that looks good on any hair type. So don't hesitate to add a low cut, pompadour or the classic curly locks to your style.

1.High Taper Fade

An almost full gradient ending in a shave that goes from the temple line to the bottom of the neck. This look can be combined with your favorite style, from a classic cut to a high-end hairstyle. By javi_thebarber_

2. High Fade with Quiff

The Quiff cut is very similar to the pompadour. They are similar, because both hairstyles involve brushing the hair up and back. The Quiff is different, because it gets volume by brushing the hair back like a wave

3. High Skin Fade

With a cut that is graded or faded all the way to the scalp, it lets you experiment more with the hair above.

4. High Fade Undercut

A haircut that is a popular trend for men today. This style can be achieved with a gradient on the sides and back of the head leaving the long hair up to achieve a pompadour-like hairstyle. To achieve this, all you will need is a styling cream to keep the long hair up.

5. High Skin Fade Comb-Over

This gradient cut lets you shave back to a high point on the sides.

6. High and Tight Fade

A classic military cut, which has also become fashionable in recent times. Simply a very low grade cut very short on top.

7. High Fade with Part

For a businessman who doesn't have much time, this style comes in handy. This is a professional style, while at the same time, it is fashionable.

8. High Fade Comb-Over

Classic hairstyle with high gradient. To achieve this hairstyle, just give a high gradient and comb the hair to one side

9. Curly High Fade

Bring curls to life by incorporating a gradient into your haircut. This instantly creates a modern result.

10. High Fade with Braids

If you want braids to be the focus of your appearance, you should try doing a gradient on the sides.

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