Curly Hair Fade

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The curly hair fade is one of the most popular hairstyles at the moment, especially with Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop clients.

Whether it’s a regular curly hair fade, a taper fade with curly hair, a low fade curly hairstyle or a mid fade with curly hair, this is a very versatile look.

Curly Hair Fade

1 Curly Hair Fade

This curly fade hairstyle is great if you have thick, curly hair that can get out of control. It features a long and heavy fringe with shaved sides and back. Speak to your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist about adding some color to make it unique.

Taper Fade With Curly Hair

2 Taper Fade with Curly Hair

For guys with curly hair who love neat facial hair, the taper fade with curly hair is just perfect! Hair is faded at the temples and then gradually increases toward the facial hair for a neat, yet creative look.

Low Fade Curly Hairstyle With Shaved Line

3 Low Fade Curly Hairstyle with Shaved Line

If you’re the kind of guy who hates to have the same style as everyone else, consider this completely different low fade curly hairstyle with shaved line. This style makes the most of your curly hair on top and then gradually fades at the sides. The look is completed with an interesting shaved line.

Mid Fade With Curly Hair

4 Mid Fade with Curly Hair

If a high fade haircut is too drastic for you, try out a fade haircut with this mid fade style with curly hair. The fade is gentle but also helps you to show off your curls on top. Shaved lines in the eyebrows and back of the head are optional.

Men’s Curly Fade Hairstyle With Shaved Line

5 Men Curly Fade Hairstyle with Shaved Line

This men’s fade hairstyle with curls gives a fantastic contrast between 2 textures: hair is wild and curly on top, but straight, short and neat toward the bottom. There is a cool curvy shaved line at the sides to create added style. It’s the perfect way to showcase ear jewelry as well!

Mid Fade Haircut With Wavy Hair

6 Mid Fade Haircut with Wavy Hair

Do you have wavy hair and do you want to make the most of your waves without sacrificing style? If so, why not try this ultra-modern mid fade haircut with wavy hair? You still get to keep your waves but you can enjoy a neat and breezy back and sides. The perfect compromise!

Drop Fade Hairstyle With Curly Hair

7 Drop Fade Hairstyle with Curly Hair

A drop fade haircut with curls is playful and creative on the top of the head but keeps the hair in check on the sides. Speak to your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist if you want them to create this style for you!

Temple Fade Haircut With Curly Hair

8 Temple Fade Haircut with Curly Hair

This temple fade haircut with curls keeps your hair ultra-short on the sides and back. It then gradually fades up and down to give you a full head of curls on top and some healthy facial hair at the bottom.

High Fade Haircut With Curls

9 High Fade Haircut with Curls

Looking for a great high fade haircut for your curls? How about this one that ensures that your curls are the main feature? Curls are long and flow gently downward toward the eyes, while the sides are shaved to create a fade for amazing contrast.

High Top Curly Fade Haircut

10 High Top Curly Fade Haircut

For the guy who likes to make a big impression and turn heads wherever he goes, comes this high-top curly fade haircut. It makes sure that your curls form a large shape on top, but it keeps the sides shaved for low maintenance.

Long Curly Fade Haircut

11 Long Curly Fade Haircut

If you love your curls and don’t want to get rid of them just because you need a haircut, consider this long curly fade haircut. Your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist will shape the sides and back into a fade but will showcase your long curls, just like you asked!

Curly Fade Haircut With Facial Hair

12 Curly Fade Haircut with Facial Hair

Are you searching for a new look but don’t know what? Well, Groomed Gentleman Barbershop in Coral Gables can create this ultra-cool look for you. We’ll keep your curls natural on top and then shave the sides into a fade. Then, we’ll shape your facial hair into a stylish look for low maintenance.

Curly Mid Fade Haircut

13 Curly Mid Fade Haircut

Looking for a fuss-free mid fade haircut that allows you to keep a full head of curls? Check out this curly mid-fade haircut that we know you’ll love!

Curly Low Fade Haircut

14 Curly Low Fade Haircut

If you are not a fan of very short hair but still want to experiment with a great fade haircut, why not try this amazing low fade haircut? The hair is a quite short right at the bottom but then gradually gets longer.

Curly High Fade Haircut

15 Curly High Fade Haircut

High fade haircuts keep your head nice and cool, which is perfect for the summer and great if you want a low-maintenance style. This curly high fade haircut looks great with short facial hair.

Curly Drop Fade Haircut

16 Curly Drop Fade Haircut

Do you want a fashionable hairstyle for school or work that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance? Check out this curly drop fade haircut that looks neat, modern, and ultra-stylish!

Curly Taper Fade Haircut

17 Curly Taper Fade Haircut

A curly taper fade haircut like this one has sharp edges around the ears and along the hairline but gradually gets more creative toward the top of the head, allowing you to embrace your curly hair.

Drop Fade Curly Hairstyle

18 Drop Fade Curly Hairstyle

This drop fade curly hairstyle incorporates a fun, curved shaved line just as the hair starts to taper. Your curls can be cut either long or short on top it’s entirely up to you!

Fade Haircut With Curly Hair

19 Fade Haircut with Curly Hair

If you have thick, curly hair, you probably know all about hair getting unruly. Not with this fade haircut with curls! It’s neat with just the right amount of creativity!

Fade Haircut With High Top Curls

20 Fade Haircut with High Top Curls

Having a high-top hairstyle is not always comfortable in Florida, but not with this fade haircut with a high top! Your head is kept cool but the top is big and curly – awesome!

Drop Fade Haircut With Tight Curls

21 Drop Fade Haircut with Tight Curls

Give your tight curls a new lease on life with this drop fade haircut that has an interesting shaved line as your hair begins to fade downward.

High Fade Haircut With Curly Hair

22 High Fade Haircut with Curly Hair

Did you know that high fade haircuts look incredible on guys with curly hair? This high fade haircut is proof that you really can have everything, including amazing facial hair!

Curly Temple Fade Mohawk Haircut

23 Curly Temple Fade Mohawk Haircut

A mohawk is always in style and helps you to make a great impression, especially if your hair is curly. This curly temple fade haircut is bold, big, and larger than life.

Curly Skin Fade Haircut

24 Curly Skin Fade Haircut

Get yourself ready for anything with this curly skin fade haircut. It boasts a shaved curvy line along with the temple and gradually tapering facial hair.

Curly Temp Fade Haircut

25 Curly Temp Fade Haircut

Temp fade haircuts go well with curly hair. Make your curly temp fade haircut interesting with this unique style that has some really cool shaved lines.

Medium Length Curly Fade Haircut

26 Medium Length Curly Fade Haircut

A medium length fade haircut gives your curls just the right amount of height to look creative while still looking neat and tidy. Perfect for work or school!

High Top Wavy Fade Haircut

27 High Top Wavy Fade Haircut

High top fade haircuts can sometimes look drastic and dramatic, but not if you keep the hair on top wavy like this style!

Sharp Curly Fade Haircut

28 Sharp Curly Fade Haircut

Make yourself look sharp, neat, and successful with this sharp curly fade haircut that has bold edges and gentle curls.

Long Curly Fade Haircut

29 Long Curly Fade Haircut

This long curly fade haircut is full of contrasts! It has long curls on top, short shaved sides, and sharp facial hair. Great for the guy who wants everything.

Short Afro Fade Haircut

30 Short Afro Fade Haircut

You can’t go wrong with an afro but why not make yours more interesting by having it cut into a fade haircut?


If you have curly hair, the good news is that fade haircuts look great with tight curls, loose curls, and wavy hair.

As the best barbershop in Coral Gables, Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop has many clients who have curly or wavy hair, and we know exactly how to create awesome hairstyles for them.

If you have curly or wavy hair, come and visit us in-store so that we can show you how we can transform your look. It won’t take long and you’ll be glad you stopped by. We know you’ll be stoked with the final result!


Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershopstylists have extensive experience with fade haircuts, whether they are low fade haircuts, taper fade hairstyles, temple fades, or any variation of this.

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