Your Guide to the Most Popular Kids’ Fade Haircuts.

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Fade haircuts are not just popular with adults- they are now extremely popular with kids, especially boys. Below is your guide to the most popular kids’ fade haircuts.

1 – High Fade Haircut With Mohawk.

1 - High Fade Haircut with Mohawk.

This quirky and spiky mohawk is easy to style and boasts a high fade cut on the sides with a curved, shaved line to give contrast. It’s perfect for the active, young boy who wants a mohawk but a hairstyle that is low maintenance.

2 – Low Fade For Texture.

2 - Low Fade for Texture.

Low fade haircuts gradually taper from the neckline and the ears up to eye level. They offer great texture on the top with a neat back and sides. Simply work some product into the hair in the mornings and you are good to go!

3 – High Fade Boy’s Haircut.

3 - High Fade Boys Haircut.

A high fade, boy’s haircut offers young men a fun contrast between the top and bottom with plenty of fun. The lower portion of the hairstyle is very low maintenance while the top can be styled any way you like.

4 – Short Fade Haircut.

4 - Short Fade Haircut

Active boys who like a fuss-free hairstyle offering versatility and comfort will love this short fade haircut! The skin fade on both sides of the head gives a fantastic contrast to the fun style on the top.

5 – Colorful Mohawk Fade Haircut.

5 - Colorful Mohawk Fade Haircut

This hairstyle is perfect for boys who want something a little different. Hair is intricately style and faded, culminating in a spectacular mohawk on the top. Blue is a great color to add in some excitement, but other colors work amazingly well, too.

6 – The Hawk Fade Haircut.

6 - The Hawk Fade Haircut

Want to make a bold and confident statement on weekends but need something more serious during the week? This style can be shaped into a mohawk when desired and also tamed into a neat style for school and formal occasions.

7 – The Side Sweeper Fade.

7 - The Side Sweeper Fade

Side swept hair is a classic style for guys but this fade haircut adds in an element of trendiness and quirkiness for a unique look.

8 – Low Fade Quiff.

8 - Low Fade Quiff

The quiff has been incredibly popular lately and involves plenty of volume, length and character on top. This style gradually tapers off at the bottom, providing great visual contrast, especially with the height of the hairstyle.

9 – The Side Part Fade.

9 - The Side Part Fade

Want the best of both worlds in terms of length and convenience? This side part fade gives young men volume, texture and cheekiness on the top with the long hair and a side parting. The sides are kept very short with a high fade technique.

10 – High Fade Style For Curls.

10 - High Fade Style for Curls

Show off your boy’s curls in a manageable way with this high fade haircut that clearly defines the top and bottom sections of the hairstyle with a fun, shaved line.

11 – The Shaved Line Contrast.

11 - The Shaved Line Contrast

This hairstyle uses a shaved line to separate the short and long components. The top is styled into a fashionable, short mohawk, while the back features gradually tapering and textured volume. Sides are short, making this style ideal for warm weather and fuss-free styling.

12 – The Long Curl High Fade.

12 - The Long Curl High Fade

Curly hair can get unruly and look untidy if not styled correctly. This high fade style for boys eliminates this problem by keeping the back and sides nice and short, and then showing off long curls on the top.

13 – The Swept Back Fade.

13 - The Swept Back Fade

Boys with thick hair do very well with a swept back, fade hairstyle. The top offers plenty of volume and texture, which is easy to style. Sides and back are clean and neat and require little maintenance.

14 – The Slicker Fade.

14 - The Slicker Fade

The slicker fade hairstyle involves slicking longer length hair back on the top for great volume and height. It also features a fun, shaved line and a high fade cut on the sides.

15 – The Sharp Edge.

15 - The Sharp Edge

This no-nonsense style is full of sharp edges, clean-cut lines and well-defined shapes on the back and sides. It looks incredibly neat but also gives boys an element of cheekiness on the top with a medium-length quiff.

16 – The High Fade Comb Over.

16 - The High Fade Comb Over

Comb overs may have been around for many years but they are still great hairstyles for guys of all ages. This is a modern take on the traditional comb over with a shaved line on the side and short sides for east styling.

17 – The Burst Fade.

17 - The Burst Fade

For boys who want a hairstyle with an interesting shape and a look reminiscent of a superhero, this burst fade style gives them everything they want! It boasts a subtle shaved line and a bit of volume on the side and back.

18 – The Full Mohawk High Fade.

18 - The Full Mohawk High Fade

Full mohawks are stylish and trendy but require a lot of maintenance. This full mohawk with a high fade style on the back and sides ensures that hair can be styled within minutes and with little effort.

19 – The Pompadour.

19 - The Pompadour

A pompadour hairstyle is an old classic that never goes out of fashion. Combine it with a fade haircut and you introduce cutting-edge style that can be slicked back or worn loose, it’s your choice!

20 – The Curly Top High Fade.

20 - The Curly Top High Fade

Curly hair should always be embraced and shown off. This can easily be done with this high fade haircut with sharp edges and great curly volume and texture on the top for an attractive contrast.

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