Your Ultimate Guide to Low Fade Haircuts.

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Low fade haircuts are trending in a huge way at the moment and luckily they suit most face types.

So, what is a low fade haircut? Well, low fade is an elegant haircut with a short back and sides. Your hair length gradually becomes shorter on the sides and the fade effect continues around your head. You enjoy a full head of hair on the top, while taking advantage of a neat back and sides, giving you the best of both worlds.

Exploring options for a low fade haircut? The low fade offers a subtle, stylish transition that complements various looks. To dive into some of the finest examples of this timeless style, visit the guide to fade haircuts. This professional collection showcases the diversity and elegance of the low fade, providing the inspiration you need for your next haircut.

The Low Fade with Curvy Line

The Low Fade With Curvy Line.

Looking for a low fade haircut that gives you plenty of sharp edges, lines and curves? This low fade haircut that features a curvy, shaved line could be just perfect for you! The top is short, neat and carefully trimmed, while the transition between hair and skin is indicated by a shaved line. To complete this look, keep your beard neatly shaved with a distinctive line.

Low Fade Taper Cut with Spikes

Low Fade Taper Cut With Spikes.

Spiky hair looks great on most guys but some find it to be a bit messy. If this sounds like you, ask your stylist for a low fade taper cut with spikes on top. The result is a neat overall look on the sides and back, while the top allows you to get creative with spikes.

Short Low Fade Hairstyle

Short Low Fade Hairstyle.

Some guys have thick or medium-textured hair that they struggle to tame into an acceptable style. In these cases, we often recommend a short low fade hairstyle with neat, sharp edges in the front.

The Low Fade Volume Maker

The Low Fade Volume Maker.

Like a bit of volume in your hair but don’t want a style that will take too long to create after washing your hair? Try thislow fade haircut that gives you plenty of volume on top!

Low Fade Bald Style

Low Fade Bald Style.

Give your new haircut plenty of contrast and creativity with a low bald fade! Your hair is effortlessly slicked back on top and you can add in an additional fun element with a bit of stubble.

The Low Fade Pompadour

The Low Fade Pompadour.

The pompadour style is not new and has been around for centuries. This low fade style simply modernizes it with a contrasting, shaved line and some facial hair with neat edges.

The Textured Low Fade Style

The Textured Low Fade Style.

Guys with thick, textured hair often battle to find a hairstyle that suits them and is quick to style in the mornings. Make things easy for yourself with this low fade textured haircut. It’s fine if it looks messy and tousled on top because the sides and back are kept neat and short.

The Up Sweeper Low Fade

The Up Sweeper Low Fade.

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring and this style is proof! It keeps your hair longish on top, swept up at the back and styled upward in the front. Sides are short and feature two interesting shaved lines that will set you apart.

The No-Fuss Low Fade Haircut

The No-Fuss Low Fade Haircut.

If you are not interested in styling your hair yourself, we’ve got your back! Try this short low fade haircut with a shaved line. Practically no maintenance is needed and you can pair it with some designer stubble.

The Low Fade Spiky Haircut

The Low Fade Spiky Haircut.

For the guy who is sick and tired of the same old, boring haircut, comes this fun and interesting spiky haircut. We’ll give you an awesome, shaved line on the sides and then keep your hair a bit longer on top so that you can wear it spiky.

The Curly Low Fade Haircut

The Curly Low Fade Haircut.

Take advantage of your naturally curly hair with this amazing low fade haircut with short facial hair. Simply apply a bit of product in the morning and you’re good to go!

The Low Fade Hawk

The Low Fade Hawk.

Interested in a funky hawk haircut but want something easy to style and cool to wear in the summer? Try this low fade hawk that looks complicated but is almost too easy to maintain.

The Low Fade Brush Up

The Low Fade Brush Up.

Have thick hair? Make the most of it with a low fade haircut that is kept longer on top to create a brushed-up style. A shaved line introduces some fun, while facial hair keeps things easy to maintain.

The Square Low Fade Cut

The Square Low Fade Cut.

This low fade haircut gives you sharp, straight lines to create a neat style that looks professional and fun at the same time. Wear it with some short facial hair and you’ll look incredible!

Medium Length Low Fade Haircut

Medium Length Low Fade Haircut.

For the guy who doesn’t like his hair too short (but also not too long), here is the perfect solution! This medium-length low fade haircut is easy to maintain but looks very styled.

Low Fade Haircut with Shaved Line

Low Fade Haircut With Shaved Line.

Gone are the days when short hairstyles were plain and dull! This short low fade haircut boasts a trendy shaved line that can extend into your eyebrows. Wear it with or without facial hair.

Short Textured Low Fade Haircut

Short Textured Low Fade Haircut.

Looking for a short haircut that also offers a bit of texture on top? Opt for this low fade haircut with a cheeky shaved line and sharp edges to show the world you mean business!

The Low Fade with Quiff

The Low Fade With Quiff.

Looking for a hairstyle that is neat but also allows you to express your inner self? Why not try a low fade haircut with a quiff on top? The quiff effect is simply awesome and looks amazing if you have a long or oval-shaped face. Pair it with a trimmed beard and mustache and you are ready for anything!

The Tousled Low Fade Haircut

The Tousled Low Fade Haircut.

Work in an office and need a hairstyle that looks professional and neat? Don’t choose a boring style- rather select something more interesting like this low fade haircut with tousled hair on top.

The Slicked Back Low Fade

The Slicked Back Low Fade.

Low fade haircuts are wonderfully versatile and work well with medium-length and shorter hair on top. If you want to keep the top section of your hair a medium length, opt for a slicked back low fade haircut that looks sleek and trendy. Wear it with some stubble or a full beard to create your own, unique fade style.

The Low Fade Blowout

The Low Fade Blowout.

Give yourself a lot of volume on top with a burst of the hairdryer. The sides and back remain short and neat, while you have the option of short or long facial hair.

The City Slicker

The City Slicker.

Long hair on top doesn’t mean that you will look messy and unkempt. This slicked back, low fade haircut with stubble proves that longer hair can look neat and professional.

The Frosted Low Fade Haircut

The Frosted Low Fade Haircut.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to being unique. This style gives you a contrasting dash of color on top, a shaved line and neat sides and back.

Low Fade Haircut with Medium Length Mohawk

Low Fade Haircut With Medium Length Mohawk.

Mohawks are in at the moment and look neat and no-fuss if you incorporate them into your low fade haircut with trimmed facial hair. Simply style and go in the mornings!

Low Fade Haircut Buzz

Low Fade Haircut With Medium Length Mohawk.

Mohawks are in at the moment and look neat and no-fuss if you incorporate them into your low fade haircut with trimmed facial hair. Simply style and go in the mornings!

People Also Ask.

1.What is the lowest fade?

When we talk about a low fade haircut, we refer to the place on your head where the transition between hair and skin occurs.

High fade haircuts are more extreme than low fade styles and the transition between hair and skin (or scalp) is much higher on the head.

Low fade haircuts are more subtle and the fade will be an inch or two above your ears and the lowest fade will be just above the ears.

2. How do you ask for a low fade haircut?

Any barber who is up to date on the latest styles in men’s haircuts will know what you are talking about when you ask for a low fade haircut.

At Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop, our stylists can create a wide range of low fade haircuts and if you are not sure which one would suit you best, they would be happy to give you some expert advice.

3. How short is a low fade?

Both low fade and high fade haircuts are quite short but low fade styles are a bit longer.

The fade effect of the low fade style takes place just above your ears and you will have very little hair below this area, making it a great low-maintenance style for summer.

How short you want your low fade haircut also depends on your personal preferences- speak to your Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop stylist and they will be sure to cut your low fade style the way you want it.

4. What is a drop fade haircut?

A drop fade haircut is one of the most popular requests here at Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop.

This style is a clever variation of the classic fade haircut with the fade effect dropping quite low and behind your ears. This creates an interesting curved and tapering fade in an arc shape.

If you are looking for a clean-cut and neat hairstyle that is not boring, then a drop fade haircut might be perfect for you.


Low fade haircuts are great for any guy looking for a lot of style but very little maintenance. They also work well with any kind of facial hair and allow you to get as creative as you want.

If you want to try the best low fade haircut for yourself, why not visit Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop and one of our stylists will make a recommendation for you?

As the best barbershop in Miami, Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop can create a wide range of low fade haircuts for boys, teenagers and guys of any age.

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We can create a neat and professional low fade style if you work in an office, or something a bit messier and interesting if you’re a student or looking for a fun change.

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